Phone: 520-624-1206

Phone: 520-624-1206

516 E Fort Lowell Rd (Map)


Q: How do I make online payments, or have automatic ACH debit?

A: Coupons or Statement payments should be mailed directly to the bank with the coupon or statement. Account #1164.

Mutual of Omaha Bank

P.O. Box 52964

Phoenix, AZ 85072-2964

E-Checks are free at

Automatic direct debit is where payments are automatically taken from your checking account by giving ADAM, LLC the authorization to do so. Please mail the ACH direct debit form to the ADAM, LLC office with a voided check before the beginning of any month.

You can make online credit card payments at Please keep for your records in case a mis-posting error occurs as ADAM, LLC will need to track the transaction down with that receipt and reference number.

We do not accept any payments over the phone at our office.

Electronic/ Bank Services–many banks offer online bill payment services to their customers. Please check with your bank to see if this option works best for you.

Q: I lost my coupon book. Can I still make payments by check or money order?

A: Payments by checks or money orders are to be sent to:

Name of Association

Mutual of Omaha Bank

P.O. Box 52964

Phoenix, AZ 85072-2964

Q: How can I make a change of address with ADAM, LLC?

A: Please send all information regarding a change of address to If you are going to rent your unit/home, please let ADAM, LLC know your tenant’s name and phone number. Please see your community’s website for any leasing documentation that is required to be filed out. If you are moving out of state and still plan to rent your unit/home, you are required by law (A.R.S § 33-1902) to register with the Arizona Recorders office and ADAM, LLC with the information regarding your managing agent here in the state. The state statute and form can be found here.

Q: What is voice broadcasting and how can I sign up?

A: Voice broadcasting is an automated phone system that lets ADAM, LLC stay in contact with the homeowners. ADAM, LLC will call the system with messages regarding important homeowner information. Messages include shutting down pools within the community, plumbing issues, meeting reminders, etc. Anyone who has been put on the list will get this personalized message for their community. To sign up, please email with your contact information.

Q: How can I make a complaint about a homeowner within my community?

A: Per Arizona law A.R.S. § 33-1242 and A.R.S. § 33-1803, any compliant that is association related to a violation will not be anonymous. The person complaining of the alleged violation must provide their information in regards to witnessing the violation. The information provided on the Association Member Complaint form will be sent to the accused party by the association manager of ADAM, LLC. The form must be completed and either faxed, emailed or mailed to ADAM, LLC. To file a complaint against barking dogs and other types of animals, please contact animal control at 520-243-5900 or go online to ADAM, LLC does not handle animal nuisances.

Q: I lost my pool key(s). How can I retrieve another one?

A: Please contact the office at 520-624-1206 x300. There is a charge for all misplaced and lost pool keys. Each association has a different pool key fee so please call to see what your community’s fees are and to see if you owe monies on your accounts. Any delinquent accounts will not be able to retrieve a pool key. The keys can either be picked up or mailed.

Q: I want to make exterior changes to my home. What documents do I need filled out?

A: Any changes/modifications must be approved by the board of directors for your community. An Architectural Change Request Form must be completely filled out. Any paint scheme samples must be given to the association as well as a drawing showing measurements and changes. This information must be mailed to your association manager in order for it to go into review with the board. Please do not start work prior to submitting your architectural form for review. If you start work before your information is reviewed you will be fined by the association. Pool additions to the backyards usually require a refundable deposit and architectural form. The deposit will be returned upon completion of the pool.

Q: I have an emergency issue within the community and it is after 5pm. Who can I contact?

A: The ADAM, LLC emergency number is 520-490-3355. Emergencies consist of major roofing leaks, major plumbing leaks in the common areas and/or major tree issues in condo dwelling units and residential communities. Fires and burglaries within the community are non-homeowner association issues and should be addressed by the police. For all minor leaks, please contact your association manager during working hours for those issues to be addressed in the proper manner.

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