Phone: 520-624-1206

Phone: 520-624-1206

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ADAM… A Different Association Management History

Having sold my last business in 1998 and serving as a president of a homeowners association, I have seen some of the problems homeowners’ associations face. I decided then to form my own HOA management company. I felt that my background in computers and technology could be put to good use in the management of HOAs. I also felt that the organized structure of these management companies could be improved upon.

These companies are set up like other large companies with multiple layers of management that become inefficient due to their size. For example, in some association management companies three people will handle one bill. Since the managers have so many associations, they simply cannot stay on top of the action items or details. I decided to set up ADAM, LLC in a different organizational model, one in which a manager is able to have a true “hands-on” position. Each manager does it all. They handle calls from members, pay bills, receive payments, complete drive-through inspections for violations, send letters to correct violations, turn delinquent members over for collections, prepare for and attend board meetings and other meetings as needed, etc. This organizational structure enables the manager to get things done in an expedient manner.

The other major issue I addressed was limiting the number of associations managed by a single manager. I believe that no matter how talented a manager may be, he or she can only handle a limited number of associations. We believe that no single manager should be responsible for no more than eight associations. This small number enables both good controls for the association and avoids burn out for the manager. When you attend 17 evening meetings a month, I believe that causes burnout and turnover. – Bill Maguire


Our Mission

We will provide the best service possible to our customers by having a low number of associations managed by each of our managers. Allowing each manager to provide your association with complete hands on management.

ADAM, LLC does not believe that “association” management is the equivalent of “property” management. For this reason, we do not offer real estate services, such as selling property, or managing individual rental units, etc. We believe to do so would create a conflict of interest with the management process.


Our Philosophy

Our mission is to promote harmony, increase value, reduce costs and be a management company who can get things done quickly, efficiently and for a reasonable fee. We will keep your members apprised of changes in national and state laws that affect homeowner associations. We will make all of the association’s vital information readily available to the members and directors and build a relationship of mutual trust and communication.

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